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Stress in itself is not necessarily harmful. We all need a bit of stress to motivate ourselves to attain our goals and targets. However, too much stress can become damaging to both our physical and psychological health and in today’s society where time is becoming more and more pressurised stress is a growing problem.

Stress is difficult to define but it is widely assumed it results from situations which arise where we do not feel that we have the personal and social resources to meet the demands of the situation. For example, feeling like we are unable to achieve the mountain of tasks we have to get through in a day at work and therefore getting anxious about this which hinders our ability to plan and carry out these tasks in the most efficient way.

We can also feel stressed at unexpected situations, for example bereavements or accidents. It is often the perception of our inability to cope that determines how stressful we find a situation rather than our actual abilities.

Common signs of stress include:
• Increased irritability
• Loss of concentration
• Headaches
• Indigestion
• Altered sleep patterns
• Tension evidenced by nail biting, drinking and smoking etc.

Workplace stress in particular has become a growing problem over the last couple of decades. With the current economic climate and people’s job security questionable stress is felt by individuals right though organisations and across individuals engaged in different sectors of the workplace. Workplace stress doesn’t just impact the individual at work but can often disrupt their home life as well for example by placing extra strain on his/her relationships.

Counselling or therapy can offer a space for an individual to work through the issues that are causing the stress whilst looking at developing different coping strategies to managing the demands they are experiencing.







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